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Thrill seekers

For my master thesis project, I wanted something challenging but unique. This is why I combined two Belgian cultural actors that have nothing in common, except their roots in our cultural heritage, to create an unexpected campaign. 

Let me present my Repositioning campaign for the chocolate brand Leonidas towards the techno community, on the Belgian market. 

but why ??

It might seem weird and maybe scatterbrained at first but there is a strong strategy behind this case-study. 

In a few words, my research has shown that Leonidas is mostly related to family souvenirs for the audience, while being seen as a premium and unaffordable brand. However, they might consider buying Leonidas products if the brand would propose simpler and affordable products with an appealing packaging, while being fair-trade. On the other hand, the choice of the techno community as a target is due to the rise and the democratisation of techno on the Belgian market, and the lack of targeting of this segment by the famous chocolate brand. 

The campaign's objectives were twofold: change the audience's perception towards the brand by creating appealing messages and visuals that speak to their interests, and then convert the techno fans into potential customers. 


Timing: Summer Campaign (July - August). Leonidas already has campaigns the rest of the year for its core-audience for every festive occasions (Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, ....). So making a summer campaign was an obvious: summer holidays are a seen as a festive moment for young people, and on the other hand, it usually is a slow period for the brand. 

The Reason To Believe: Accessibility. In every aspect: product's prices and composition, communication means, the occasions to consume the brand and the implementation of new products and designs. 

Thrill Seekers. Both techno and Leonidas provide a strong sensorial experience, reflected by the name of the campaign "Thrill Seekers". The original mission of Leonidas “sharing moments of happiness with your loved ones, for special occasions” is twisted into “share an intense experience with your tribe and treat yourself at any time”. 


New products & designs

Back view

The Discovery Box. Leonidas boxes are the essence of the brand. This box includes 3 classic tastes and 3 new tailored tastes according to the audience's preferences. The products and packaging have been designed according to techno design's trends. 

Thrill Seekers - Discovery Box - Avant.png
Thrill Seekers - Discovery Box - Arriere.png

Front view

The Discovery Box' items. Refined and reshaped, each item has its own name, shape and taste. 

The classic tastes, already existing in Leonidas product range, are reshaped into vinyls to recall techno roots.

Product - Salty Groove.png

Salty Groove

Product - Puffed Rice Symphony.png

Puffed Rice Symphony

Product - Echoes of darkness.png

Echos of darkness

The new product's tastes, namely a popping candy chocolate, a remastered version of the famous Leonidas chocolate "Manon" filled with cookie dough, and a chocolate ball filled with peanut butter, are a more accessible option in terms of taste for the audience. Each product has a distinctive design, shape and name. 

Product - Poppin' Bliss.png
Product - Doughlicious Glitch.png
Product - Cosmic Peanut Delight.png

Poppin' Bliss

Doughlicious Glitch

Cosmic Peanut Delight

New chocolate bars. Chocolate bars are the most affordable Leonidas products and the easiest to carry, it is therefore a flagship product for the targeted audience. Each bar's packaging, taste and name match the discovery box' items. 

FINAL - Echoes of Darkness.png
FINAL - Poppin Bliss.png
FINAL -Doughlicious Glitch.png
FINAL-Cosmic Peanut Delight.png
FINAL-Puffed Rice Symphony.png
FINAL-Salty Groove.png

Outdoor Campaign

Billboard ads. As the reach is wider, the designs are simpler. 

Thrill seekers - box affiche.png
Thrill Seekers - product affiche.jpg
Thrill Seekers - Bars affiche.jpg

Promotional stands and flyers. During the campaign, promotional stands are set in strategic locations, where the techno fans used to gather. The promo team is made of students which are part of the community, their job is to give free ice-creams and promotional flyers. As the audience is directly targeted, the stands, the ice-creams packaging and the flyers are designed to appeal the techno fans. 

thrill seekers - ice cream containers+glace.png
thrill seekers -promotional stand.png
thrill seekers - flyer promotion.png

Digital Campaign

Instagram feed posts and Reels/TikTok. These are the audience's preferred social media channels.  

0. finak IG FEED OVERVIEW.png

IG feed overview


In conclusion, the aim of this case-study is to demonstrate the marketing potential of blending an old established brand, which is Leonidas, with an ever-growing trend, which is techno. Even if these two cultural actors seem to be opposed at first sight, there is in fact an undeniable common ground that was meant to be explored. In addition to being both powerful dopamine enhancers, both Leonidas and techno first emerged, decades ago, in Belgium and have never stopped growing since then. Then, the two worlds share the same values of sharing and caring. The repositioning campaigns takes the opportunity to attract a new customer segment, during the brands slow period, by creating meaningful connections in the customer’s mind. 

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