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Your healthy life partner… Meet Kombucha, the Elixir of Life!

Originated from Antique Asia, Kombucha is a fermented refreshing drink that has become popular for its nutritious benefits.


Not your typical soda drink… Is it alive?

The preparation process of Kombucha is essential to ensure real benefits for your body. It is made by an infusion of tea with symbiotic colony of bacteria, enzymes & added yeast. Thanks to the presence of this yeast, called Scoby, the Kombucha appears following the fermentation process. Hell yes, Scoby creates life in the sweet, infused tea.


Well, why should you try it?

Kombucha has been consumed for more than 2000 years, and we will explain you why.

The soda drink has a structured process which provides many benefits for the body.


The power of fermentation acts like a magic trick. While fermenting, the added sugar and the tea are metabolized by Scoby, which has a positive impact on the drink. Concretely it boosts probiotics and various vitamins (B, C and D) in the beverage which has a direct influence on your global energy and solve digestive problems. Coffee lovers, we see you and we got something for you!

The natural benefits of Kombucha also help to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, reinforce the immune system and is a powerful detox. Kombucha is probably your new best friend on the road to healthy life!


More than a drink, it’s a lifestyle 

If Ethic, Bio and Respect of the Nature speak to you, Kombucha is your perfect match.

The revival of this Antique recipe thrives strong values and brings serenity in our lives. The way it constantly grows without bringing any side effect is something rare nowadays, and then valuable. Values are important for us: it is locally produced, made with ecological ingredients and the use of plastic is prohibited.


Embrace the opportunity to deeply reconnect with your body, your needs, your values.

Our Story

Since Kombucha entered in our lives, we never let it go!

Although Kombucha has been adopted by Asians for thousand years, it remains a niche market in Europe.


It was love at first sip !

We first tried Kombucha, back in 2018, during a trip in the United States: it has been an instant revelation. The feeling of wellbeing went through us at the first sip. We knew there was something to do with this magical drink. We had the chance to taste many brands and observe the way it was produced. This overview of what was already on the market helped us to develop the perfect recipe that we offer you today.


Bring new experiences in people’s life

In 2020, Tonic-Blend was born. We are a family business with high aspirations. Besides the clear benefits for health, Kombucha definitely brings new experiences in people’s life. The whole process, from discovering the recipe, to testing and adapting it, to the smile on our customer’s face means the world to us. We want to help people to improve their wellbeing and make them discover a new lifestyle in which we truly believe.


Make the change you want to see in the world!

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